Old Wounds


how long does it take
for old wounds to heal,
for a spot of blood to clot
and for charred skin to peel?

does the hole from a passing bullet
always leave a crooked scar,
is there a mark
when you get slashed
by the jagged blade of a scimitar?

some cotton and a bandage,
antiseptic in drips and dabs,
can they get rid of the scrapes,
the irritating, itchy scabs?

and finally, tell me this:
on the day I sleep forever
and they pull my bones apart,
will they still see a crack
on the walls of my broken heart?



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Rahul Misra

I write mostly poetry, and some fiction. You may find an essay in my feed once in a while. Connect at http://rmisra.com or me@rmisra.com