The New Land of the Free

By A Syn. Reused under CC 2.0

In your laptops and in your phones.
Through the flights of delivering drones.
They know who you met. Where you ate.
They have an ad ready. Innocent bait.
They know you like Spanish food.
They know you’re in a romantic mood.
Maybe a holiday to Barcelona then?
A discount is available, just tell them when.
Ask what you want and so it shall be.
This is the new land of the free.
Free to be abused and free to be stalked.
Free to be threatened. Free to be mocked.
Books of faces and twittering birds.
Welcome to a world ruled by nerds.
They own the playground. Make the rules.
This is a game fit for us fools.
Let’s get the kids an account at birth.
The meek have truly inherited the Earth.
Do not worry about an entry fee.
Simply pay at the gate with your privacy.
They are the big brothers watching.
Who is watching them?



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Rahul Misra

I write mostly poetry, and some fiction. You may find an essay in my feed once in a while. Connect at or